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This survey invites you to share your experience and expertise with The Music Commission, a national enquiry launched by ABRSM to look at the factors behind supporting progress in music. Drawing on UK-wide evidence, the enquiry will focus on how to better support learners, practitioners and organisations within the world of music education. 

The aim of this survey is to explore and understand current perceptions of the opportunities and barriers for those to progress in their learning of music. The findings will contribute to a report produced by The Music Commission at the end of 2018, which will include recommendations for policy makers on the priorities for improving opportunities for learners to progress. 

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete, depending on the length of your answers. We will ask you some open questions and then some demographic questions. Participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. Any data collected from unsubmitted responses will be securely destroyed. If you wish to withdraw your information after submission, please contact our Research Manager. All the information you provide will be treated in confidence and anonymised. Nothing reported or published will identify individual contributors or organisations. 

Many thanks,

The Music Commission (March 2018)