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This is your chance to shape the future of music education. We want to learn about what it takes to make progress in music and how to enable more people to fulfil their musical potential. 

If you've ever engaged with music, as a listener, learner or leader, then this survey is for you. Are you a consumer or creator of music? Your views are important to us! And if you've ever taught or supported others to make music, we'd love to hear what you think. 

Your opinions will provide evidence for The Music Commissionan 18-month inquiry looking at the factors behind making progress in music, whether you are a learner starting out for the first time or a professional musician who has been performing for years. The Commission seeks to understand the different pathways that people take, the memorable milestones that shape musical experiences and the different contexts in which progress is supported or not. 

This survey will only take a few minutes to complete. We encourage you to draw on experiences from across your personal and professional life, but please keep individual names and organisation anonymous. Take Music Further and help us to ensure that music education has a sustainable future, across the UK and beyond. 

Many thanks,

The Music Commission (March 2018) 


What does the survey involve and how will my evidence be used?

This survey consists of some open questions and some demographic questions. Participation is entirely voluntary. Any data collected that is not formally submitted at the end of the survey, will be securely destroyed. All the data you provide will be treated in confidence and anonymised. Nothing reported or published will identify you or any other individual contributors or organisations. You will not be asked for any personal or contact details during the survey. If you wish to withdraw your data after submission or if you have further questions, please contact our Research Manager.